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    Asha Trust is keen to help to those deprived children who attend other schools and colleges extended throughout the city and mainly in rural areas of Tamil Nadu. Asha Trust provides the financial aid to these deprived children and also Asha Volunteers can provide them role models and also valuable mentoring to these students.

    To implement this, the Asha Scholarship programme has been started to help them by providing fund the school or college fees and cost of uniform and books for children from Class I to College (also Nursery and UKG in special cases). The get the benefits of Asha scholarship, the children must be from deprived background and must be nominated by a nominator who should be an Asha volunteer or someone trusted by Asha. The nominator would play an active role in mentoring the children.

    To nominate a child for Asha Scholarship, you should first be vigorously involved in the activities of Asha Chennai. Then you must complete one of the given forms for each child and are required to submit to Asha.

    Asha Chennai Scholarship Rules :

    Below furnished are the rules and guidelines that the Asha Scholarship focus group must require to follow for providing the scholarship award to the eligible students. Rules are unbreakable and can’t be avoid and must be followed.

    1~] This is necessary that all candidates must be approved by the Scholarship Focus Group before releasing payments.

    2~] The maximum limit of funding for all students would be set by Asha Chennai and this limit is compulsory for all Asha scholars. This limit would be Rs.1000/- over the typical amount charged by a Government aided school for English medium education. (Rs.1200 would cover the cost of uniforms and shoes.)

    The limit of funding set are as follows-

    Class 1 to 10 : Rs.10000 for the academic year
    Class 11 to 12 : Rs.15000 for the academic year
    College Students (B.A., B.Sc., BBA, BCA, Nursing, diploma courses in technical education) : Rs. 18,000/- for the academic year

    Important :
    This above limit may not apply to physically handicapped students who required special assistance.

    3~] In the case of school going children, if the fee go beyond twice the approved limit, the application will not be measured for scholarship.

    4~] The student and their family need for finance must be real and confirmed. Total student’s family income should not more than Rs 1,20,000 per annum is approved for selection of a student for scholarship.

    5~] All fresh student applying for scholarship are required to complete the Scholarship Application Form and all the active scholars should have to completed the Application Form for Continuation of Scholarship.

    6~] Nominator should not in any way benefit monetarily from the scholarship.

    7~] The payment of Asha Scholarship shall only be released only after producing the proper fee paid receipt in original. Original bills for all the expenses should be accepted by the Asha so that the genuine student can be benefited. So, the nominator/mentoring volunteer should obtain a copy of the bills/receipts and certify that the original has been seen and verified and he/she should sign them with date.

    Asha Chennai Scholarship Guidelines:

    A. Selection Related Guideline:

    v The Children who are studying in government schools should be given higher priority.

    v The physically handicapped children and female students will be given preference.

    v Only one child from one family should be eligible to approve for Asha scholarship

    v Primary focus would be given to class 8 to 12 students. Other children should be considered on case by case basis.

    v Academic excellence should not be a criteria of selection for children under 10 std f. Home visit and reporting should be done by a person who should not be the nominator or recommending volunteer.

    v 40% of the scholars selected would be college students; 35% would be students of +1 and +2 and 25%.

    v The Asha Scholarship should not be granted for Engineering, Medical and Para-medical students

    B.. Disbursal Related Guideline:

    Ø The payment of Asha scholarship shall be paid to the by cheque only, whereas the expenses related to conveyance and food sustained by outstation students may be paid by cash only after the showing of bills.

    Ø All the outside scholars are required to come personally for the interview/first disbursal of the academic year at Asha’s expense and subsequent discussion/ disbursals can be done via email/phone/courier.

    Ø All payment vouchers of the student should be counter-signed by the Steward.

    Ø Duly completed and signed Loan Guarantee Forms must be obtained from scholars studying in final year of their college previous to final disbursal for the academic year.

    C. Nominator Related Guideline:

    1. One nominator is not eligible to nominate more than 5 scholars. Nominator should submit a one page report on the basis for nominating the child.
    2. The nominators are responsible for obtaining bills and other necessary documents from the scholars. In case of fail to produce the above shall lead to delay/withdrawal of disbursement.
    3. If the Focus Group found or realize that the nominator does not or cannot fulfil their responsibilities, then there the Focus Group itself shall be the nominator.
    4. Nominator should not be the interviewing/mentoring volunteer at the time of interview/disbursal .
    5. It is necessary for the nominator to mentor the students he/she has nominated and try to meet the student atleast twice a year and report to the Focus Group.
    6. Nominators should be able to provide periodic reviews on the progress of their nominees to Asha, Chennai (ie, a Progress Report from school, qualitative assessment of progress etc.)

    What you should do To Sponsor a Child:

    {1} First of all, you should identity the particular child to whom you want to sponsor from the given list of children.

    {2} Then Note the amount required for that child.

    {3} These children are those who the Asha already decided to sponsor based on the estimate to raise funds.

    {4} If you cannot identify the child then you can specify the amount of money you would like to sponsor every year. (from Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 15,000/- per year).

    {5} The Asha team will help to choose a child to Sponsor.

    {6} You can also specify the age and gender of a child to whom you want to support.

    {7} Then donate the money Online by using credit card at the website donation page. Here you must identify the name of the child you would like to sponsor on the Comment field.

    {8} In case you want to donate by Cheque or have any query regarding project, can send an Email to Asha Chennai SAC.

    Contact Details :-


    34 Bhimasena Gardens St.
    Chennai, Tamilnadu 600004

    Phone No.: 91-94444-04060​
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