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    Birla Institute of Technology & Science BITS Pilani, Student Welfare Division invites the applications for Institute Merit cum Need Scholarships, Second Semester 2016-17. The applications needs to be submitted online from the first degree students. The last date to submit the application is January 28, 2017 and the candidates are able to apply through any one given mode.

    Eligibility Criteria:
    ** The students parents/guardian gross annual income should be below than Rs. Eight Lacs (8,00,000)from all sources.

    **The scholarships are awarded to students based on CGPA.

    ** No NC report in the previous semester.

    ** No case of indiscipline.

    ** The applying student may not be availing any external scholarship that carries a condition that the student is not receiving any other scholarship.

    ** Students are to certify that they are not availing any other scholarship such as Inspire/KVPY etc.

    ** Any student availing fee benefit scheme is not eligible.

    How to Apply :

    The Online application for Institute Merit cum Need Scholarships, Second Semester is available at SWD Website, ie or http://swd.

    The online application form is also available at

    Documents Required:

    => The student must have submit the latest income certificate before the deadline along with the details of the applicant on cover sheet available at SWD office (2101).

    => Students who have already submitted Valid Income Certificate(s) during First Semester 2016-2017 need not submit once again.

    If Parents are Salaried :
    => Salary based certificate from the employer or salary based slip dated not earlier that 1st of April 2016, should be submitted. A proper income certificate clearly indicating the gross income should be provided.

    => Income certificates of both parents, if both are employed, should be submitted.

    => Copy of Form 16, clearly showing the gross income can also be submitted along with photocopy of PAN cards.

    => All others should submit an income certificate from the Tahsildar/Mandal Revenue Officer or an affidavit or stamped paper countersigned by a First Class magistrate/Notary indicating gross income for the financial year 2016-2017 based on the income of the preceding financial year (2015-2016).

    => Pensioners should submit a statement from bank/post office from where pension is drawn.

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