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    The IJEP Internship Program, organized by the School of Engineering and the School of Information Science and Technology, which gives the opportunity to research internships for students from collaborating Indian institutions in the various fields in engineering, information science and technology. For internships, the applying applicants are expected to have a strong interest in practising graduate level studies at the University of Tokyo.

    Course Level : Undergraduate, Master’s Level

    Subjects :

    * Railway Technology

    * Social Infrastructure Systems

    * Innovation

    * Technology Management

    * Information Science

    Date Schedule :

    Application Opens : 18.11.2016

    Application Closes : 21.12.2016

    Result Declaration : 01.03.2017

    Start of Internship Programme : 10.05.2017

    End of Internship Programme : 11.07.2017

    Eligibility Criteria :

    (@)= IJEP Internship Programme is open for Indian citizens only.

    (@)= The candidates should be full-time students enrolled at one of the IJEP collaborating institutions

    (IIT Kanpur, Kharagpur, Hyderabad, Delhi, Madras, Bombay and the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore)

    (@)= Bachelor’s students must have completed minimum 3 full years in a bachelor’s degree program by the beginning of the internship, and master’s students must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

    (@)= The candidates should have a strong record of academic performance

    Benefits Provided :

    <>> There are total 10 positions are available under IJEP Internship Program.

    <>> The candidates will be provided with Stipend of JPY 240,000 for the whole duration of the internship.

    <>> The selected candidates will be provided with round-trip flight ticket from the nearest airport in India to Tokyo

    <>> The payments for accommodation should be arranged by the selected students as the IJEP will support them in finding lodging.

    Application Process :

    {<#>} The applying applicants needs to apply through the Online application system for IJEP Internship Program.

    {<#>} The applicants needs to create an account in the T-cens system.

    {<#>} Fill all the required information in the application form and submit it online.

    {<#>} The below documents are needed to be upload in the official website in order to make the application process complete.

    Required Documents :

    (*) Personal statement

    (*) Letter of recommendation should be issued by applicant’s supervising faculty member.

    (*) Scanned copy of latest official academic transcript. Master’s students should also submit their undergraduate academic transcript(s).

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