Niemen Fellowship 2017-18 Open For Journalists At Harvard University

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    Niemen Fellowship 2017-18 is presented for the journalists who have five (5) years working experience in media in any country across the world. The selected candidates will have to devote two full semesters at Harvard University. The selected fellows can select their course of study. They will be provided with the course fee of Harvard with the stipend of $65000. Niemen fellowship will be provided to 24 best candidates. Out of them 12 of them will international candidates.

    Date Schedule :

    Closing date of submission of applications : 01.12.2016

    Selection Interview : February, 2017

    Selected candidates will be notified : March, 2017

    Eligibility Criteria :
    ó. All nationalities candidates are eligible to apply for Niemen Fellowships.

    ó. To apply for fellowships, there are no restrictions on the minimum age limit and academic qualification.

    ó. The candidates must have five (5) years full time media experience including freelancers.

    ó. Journalism-related work completed as a university student does not count as professional experience, so not eligible for the fellowships.

    ó. Professionals who work in public relations or in a position whose primary focus is not the media are not eligible to apply.

    ó. During the two years prior to applying, an applicant should not have participated in a fellowship lasting four months or longer.

    Benefits Provided :
    {#}= Niemen Fellows receive a stipend of $65,000 paid over a nine-month period to cover living costs and other expenses.

    {#}= The fellows will also be provided with housing, childcare, and health insurance allowances on the basis of number and ages of family members.

    {#}= The foundation additionally covers the cost of attending Harvard classes for fellows and their affiliates.

    Application Process :

    @.>. The interested candidates can apply for Niemen Fellowship application online.

    Apply Online

    @.>. The candidates are also required to submit some required documents along with the filled in application form.

    Required Documents :

    ** Two essays are to be submitted by the applicants.

    (a) One essay should be personal statement with 1000 words giving the details of journalistic experience, career plans and goals.

    (b) The other should be Proposal for study at Harvard with 500 words describing how they plan to spend a year at Harvard.

    ** Description of Applicants profile within 100 words giving details of professional career, achievements and organizations where applicant has worked.

    ** Short summary of Study plan within 20 to 25 words.

    ** Two work samples needed to be uploaded online or sent to Niemen Foundation.

    ** Four confidential Letter of Recommendations to be sent after the completion of application form. These can be sent through email or post.

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